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A research team led by UMass Boston recently released the highly anticipated Greater Boston Research Advisory Group Report (GBRAG) entitled Climate Change Impacts and Projections for the Greater Boston Area, a five-year update to research on likely climate changes in the Boston area. The report’s purpose is to provide the City of Boston and surrounding municipalities with updated information that can be used to inform near-term and long-term strategies to address climate mitigation and resilience. The 2022 report scope was broadened from the first, 2016 BRAG report to include Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) cities and towns.

The report delivers detailed information on projected changes over this century to temperature, storms and precipitation, flooding, sea-level rise, and groundwater in the Greater Boston area. In addition to reaffirming the necessity of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, the report highlights familiar warnings around increased frequency of extreme weather events and coastal flooding, but also spotlights underreported climate risks like decreased groundwater recharge, which has far-reaching consequences for infrastructure, agriculture, the availability of drinking water, and more.

This GRCx program, co-sponsored with A Better City, will provide an overview of report findings related to temperature, storms and precipitation, flooding, sea-level rise and groundwater from the lead report authors, Ellen Douglas and Paul Kirshen. A panel discussion with the subject matter experts from each report section (temperature, storms and precipitation, flooding, sea-level rise and groundwater) will follow and the program will finish with 30 minutes of audience Q&A.


Ellen Douglas
Associate Dean and Professor of Hydrology
UMass Boston School for the Environment

Paul Kirshen
Professor of Climate Adaptation
UMass Boston School for the Environment 

Mathew Barlow
UMass Lowell College of Sciences 

Ambarish Karmalkar
Affiliated Investigator and Research Assistant Professor
UMass Amherst College of Natural Sciences

Rob DeConto
Professor and Co-Director
UMass Amherst School of Earth & Sustainability

Jayne Knott
Principal and Senior Scientist
JFK Environmental Services LLC



East Boston Branch of the Boston Public Library, 365 South Bremen Street, Boston, MA 02128

Please join us on Thursday, July 21st from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the lawn in front of the East Boston Branch Library for a Greening the Blue Line Design Charrette Open House.

At the Open House you can learn about flooding in East Boston and provide input on green solutions to help address flooding challenges to our local public transportation. There will be interactive activities for people of all ages. We will also have fun activities for children as well.

Also, please take our survey in English or Spanish.

There will be ice cream at the Library from 4 to 5pm and some activities for children.

This work is part of a research project conducted by A Better City with Civic Space Collaborative and Weston&Sampson with funding made possible by UMass Boston’s Stone Living Lab.