Are you rethinking your commute as you head back to the office? Bicycling is a great option for getting there while keeping fit and reducing your carbon footprint. If you’re:

  • Interested in trying out bike commuting for the first time but aren’t sure where to start
  • Planning a new bike commute after moving to a new home or job
  • Out of practice with your bike-to-work routine after two years of telework

…you’re not alone!

Please join us for a 60-minute virtual lunch & learn workshop to cover the key tips you need to get yourself back on the bike path to work. Our knowledgeable instructors from MassBike will walk you through:

  • Considerations for mapping your bike route: what to watch out for, how to explore traffic by time of day, and resources for identifying lower-stress routes
  • Overlooked logistics for transitioning to the office after a ride
  • Benefits your employer may offer to support your bike commute

This event is free and open to all! RSVP here to secure your spot.