Event Guidelines

A Better City is committed to pursuing the following:

  • A Better City will strive to host events that reflect diversity of gender, race/ethnicity, skill, experience, background, and perspective.
  • A Better City will avoid hosting or participating in all male panels and encourage the inclusion of qualified panelists that are women and people of color.
  • A Better City will provide a gender-neutral option for salutation and pronouns in registration fields.
  • A Better City will work to ensure all event spaces are physically accessible to all and will work to provide ASL and other language translation services, as requested.
  • A Better City will make an effort to provide gender neutral/all gender bathrooms at A Better City events.
  • A Better City will not host events on observed religious holidays or days of remembrance for veterans and active military.
  • Following events, A Better City will periodically seek feedback from attendees in an easily accessible survey to determine the effectiveness and areas of improvement.
  • A Better City will work to include land acknowledgements in relevant event materials to recognize and respect Indigenous Peoples as the traditional stewards of the land on which we now live and work and to honor the enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories.