Greenway Business Improvement District (BID)

A vibrant public space and economic driver, the Rose Kennedy Greenway is a key asset to Boston residents, businesses, tourists, and the public sector. The Greenway is made up of 17 acres of public space in downtown Boston created when the elevated central highway artery was relocated underground. It is a linear series of parks and gardens that reconnected Boston’s neighborhoods and has become one of America’s foremost urban parks.A sustainable, fair, and long-term solution was made possible through a collaboration with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, City of Boston, Greenway Conservancy, and abutter properties to fund the costs of the Greenway. The foundation of this arrangement came together through a memorandum of understand facilitated by public sector leaders in June 2017. After nearly a yearlong effort by the Greenway property owners coordinated by A Better City, Boston City Council approved the Greenway Business Improvement District (BID) in April 2018.

Why It's Important

Despite efforts over the years, the Greenway had previously never supported by a long-term funding plan. Since its inception, the Greenway had been financed by a series of leases with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and supplemented by the Conservancy’s own fundraising and revenue as well as unstructured contributions from abutters. The Greenway Business Improvement District (BID) allows abutters to contribute directly towards Greenway costs – helping protect and support the arts, programming, and greenery that make up this gem of downtown.

A Better City's Role

A Better City led a robust process to develop a detailed plan for the Greenway BID, including boundary lines, a management plan, and a formula for individual contributions. Following the establishment of the Greenway BID, A Better City continues to play a central role in BID operations and acts as a point of contact for abutters, the Greenway Conservancy, and other public and private partners.  

Greenway BID Board of Directors

  • Steve Faber, representing The Beverly / Courtyard Marriott
  • Jenny Morse, representing Faneuil Hall Marketplace
  • Jessica Hughes, representing 125 High Street
  • Don Chiofaro Jr., representing the Harbor Garage & International Place
  • Stephen Wright, representing Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • Trina Childs, representing One Financial Center
  • Jack Clark, representing 225 State Street
  • Jim Tierney, representing Rowes Wharf
  • Ron Druker, representing 2+24 Edinboro Street 


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2018 Press Release

Greenway BID & Conservancy announce Rediscover The Greenway Programmatic Series

Greenway BID Approval Press Release

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Greenway BID Improvement Plan

Greenway BID map

 Greenway BID Meeting Information


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September 16, 2020, Member Meeting

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