Finance and policy turn brilliant ideas into concrete realities. When handled with foresight and finesse, the money and management side of transportation infrastructure can help dramatically transform a city.

A Better City brings broad knowledge and deep experience to matters of funding and policy, providing outstanding value to local and regional governments, commissions and authorities. 

MBTA Fares

As the MBTA sets fares, it must balance both the economic needs of riders with the need for revenue to adequately maintain its systems and to operate safely and efficiently.

Why it’s important

Policy concerning fares has a direct impact on the MBTA’s budget deficit, the ability to address urgent capital repairs, the economic welfare of its riders, and the region’s social, economic and environmental goals.

A Better City’s role

A Better City has consistently supported a capped, two-year interval schedule for MBTA fare increases to keep pace with increased costs. Our principals have worked with the MBTA, MassDOT, and legislative leadership on ways to increase financial support for the MBTA, and on legislative solutions that address operational and managerial challenges.  In anticipation of the next legislative debate on MBTA fares and funding, A Better City is studying new fare collection technologies that can help ease payment, reduce fare evasion, provide more price sensitivity, and address fare equity issues.

Statewide Funding

Statewide funding of transit infrastructure is essential to facilitating repairs, increasing capacity and planning for targeted expansion that will allow the local economy to grow.

Why it’s important

Our transportation infrastructure – roads, highways, bridges, regional transit agencies, and the MBTA –  is in urgent need of investment, repair, and strategic enhancement.   The city and region depend upon a functioning transportation system to get people to work and to reduce congestion. 

A Better City’s role

A Better City is working with stakeholders in both the public and private sector to deliver a comprehensive transportation finance plan that will close the backlog of maintenance repair, improve service reliability and frequency, and deliver a 21st century transit system that can keep pace with development in Greater Boston’s economy and with statewide job growth.