Statement: Chinatown Area & 30-Day Orange Line Shutdown

Prepared by Rick Dimino, President & CEO | August 18th, 2022

Today, the MBTA announced an updated plan to add supplemental shuttle service to the Chinatown area during the complete Orange Line shutdown. The MBTA’s proposal still falls short of closing the transit gap that is needed in this neighborhood for the next 30 days. The MBTA should further revise their plan so that the T provides all-day transit service, instead of a shuttle service that runs for two hours in the morning and then again in the late evening.  The MBTA’s current plan represents some progress, but additional service should be added, starting this weekend. Chinatown and the surrounding areas are environmental justice communities that are highly impacted by extreme heat and the detrimental public health impacts of particulate matter. These communities should be prioritized and not neglected by the MBTA’s service plan that extends over a month. They should have access to all-day service. Anything less will exacerbate the inequities this neighborhood already faces.  A Better City calls on the MBTA and the City of Boston to provide full service to the area.

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