Proposed MBTA Capital Investment Plan (FY23-27) Falls Short of Advancing Critical Safety, Modernization, Expansion & Decarbonization Efforts

Written by Caitlin Allen Connelly, Project Director 

In March 2022, the MBTA released their proposed $9.4 billion FY23-27 Capital Investment Plan (CIP) for public comment. The plan included 552 projects spread out across two main funding categories: 1) Reliability and Modernization; and 2) Expansion programs. A Better City submitted comments urging the MBTA to strategically deploy resources, now, to advance critical safety, modernization, expansion, and decarbonization efforts, which the proposed FY23-27 CIP falls short of doing.

To create the public transit system the region needs and deserves, the MBTA must ensure projects having funding levels that match the implementation schedules required to achieve intended outcomes. For FY23-27, this means funding beyond planning and design work for Bus Facility Modernization and Battery Electric Bus procurement, Regional Rail phase 1 (barely addressed in the proposed CIP), and the Red-Blue Connector. Increased investments in the Silver Line to serve the South Boston Waterfront and to advance signals for the Red & Orange line are also necessary. We are asking the MBTA to amend the draft CIP to include these important initiatives.

Here is a breakdown of the current draft CIP:

The MBTA and the Commonwealth have access to unprecedented capital resources through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. If they are ready with competitive projects, they can leverage federal and state dollars to bolster critical short- and long-term infrastructure needs to support a strong public transit system. This will help facilitate a smooth transition to the new normal and economic recovery, as well help ensure the riding public can afford, access, and rely on safe public transit to connect neighborhoods throughout the region.

The MBTA Board of Directors expects to approve the final CIP in June.

Read A Better City's comment letter here. For more information, Caitlin Allen-Connelly Project Director, or Tom Ryan, Senior Advisor on Policy, Government and Community Affairs.





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