MBTA Derailment | A Statement from A Better City

Recent derailments of the MBTA Red and Green Lines are reigniting the focus on our transportation infrastructure and the financial resources dedicated to supporting it. President & CEO, Rick Dimino released a statement Tuesday afternoon in response to these unacceptable events.

"When our transportation system doesn't function, Boston and the region don't function. Recent derailments and the ensuing disruption are a stark reminder of the importance of transportation to our economy and quality of life. They are also a symptom of a larger problem reaching crisis proportions: decades of neglect and under-investment impacting our whole transportation system — including not just the MBTA but also our roads, bridges, and regional transit. The business community, riders, public officials, and other stakeholders must come together this year to find real solutions, including new revenue, to bring forth the modern, comfortable, and convenient system Massachusetts residents deserve and are demanding."

A Better City will continue focusing on the development of a comprehensive transportation finance plan. We seek a plan before the end of 2019 that can generate funding to address our State of Good Repair needs and also support the capacity improvements for our expanding economy requires.

We look forward to working with all of you on this important issue and are interested in hearing your thoughts.

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