Land Use and Development Advisory Committee Discusses Proposed City Planning Changes

Written by Tom Nally, Senior Advisor

The Land Use and Development Advisory Committee met for the first time this year on February 9. Staff presented the 2023 Work Plan for Land Use and Development that includes a list of potential topics for the year, and asked for help to set priorities for attention. Kate Dineen also summarized comments submitted to the City of Boston on the proposed changes to linkage payments for affordable housing and workforce training associated with new commercial development.

Interest of the committee members focused on the proposals for changing the way that planning is implemented, which has recently been advanced by Mayor Wu in her State of the City Address, an Executive Order, and Home Rule Petition submitted to City Council. The committee engaged in a lively discussion that covered a range of topics including:

  • Realism in planning that recognizes current conditions
  • Relationship of regulations and the capital market
  • Linkage and timing of implementing changes
  • Relationship of transportation (the commute) to Downtown occupancy and vitality
  • Zoning changes to support appropriate development
  • Development and impact on city fiscal health
  • Staff resources to support the planning and regulatory processes


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