FMCB Public Comment Testimonies | Service Restoration

Prepared by Caitlin Allen-Connelly, Project Director 

  • Chairman Aiello, Members of the Board, Secretary Tessler, thank you for the opportunity to submit comments today.
  • As the Commonwealth’s State of Emergency draws to a close, and the Massachusetts economy reopens over Memorial Day weekend, the much-awaited “new normal” will begin to emerge and take shape.
  • For many, this change will no doubt include a return to pre-COVID-19 daily activities and routines, including riding the MBTA, increasing daily T ridership numbers.
  • A Better City looks forward to hearing the MBTA’s service update today, which will likely address the Governor’s announcement and its implications for the region’s public transit system.
  • Whether it is taking the T to a ball game, beach, museum, restaurant, or show, or getting back on the Commuter Rail to transition to the workplace, the riding public will look to the MBTA for safe, reliable, affordable, and equitable service.
  • With the change in the timeline for the Commonwealth’s reopening, there is new urgency to get back to pre-pandemic service levels—or more—sooner rather than later. Our region’s public transit system must lead demand to meet demand and proactively communicate with the public about what to expect when riders come back.
  • A Better City recognizes the efforts the MBTA is making, and the challenges the agency is facing, to restore full service on all modes, as well as their work to update and expand the Ride Safer campaign. We thank the entire team for their perseverance, and we stand ready to support the T’s efforts.
  • As we reset, we also need to push forward with the transformative changes that better meet the future needs of Commonwealth in terms of access and quality of service, as well as greenhouse gas emissions reductions, by accelerating implementation of Phase I of the regional rail project, including EMU procurement.
  • For today, let’s bring back service and Welcome Back Riders to the MBTA—a transit system committed to moving Boston and the region forward, together.

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