ACTION ALERT: I-90 Allston Multimodal Project

A Better City Community:
Thanks to your advocacy, MassDOT and the Federal Highway Administration recently accepted a version of the A Better City/City of Boston design as the all at-grade alternative to carry forward in the formal review process for the I-90 Allston Multimodal Project. It’s now called the “Modified All At-Grade Option.”
This development brings the Commonwealth one step closer to realizing a vision that improves mobility for all, while protecting and providing greater access to the Charles River—but the fight is not over! 
MassDOT is now accepting feedback on the three options currently under review. Please consider submitting feedback to MassDOT to voice your support for the Modified At-Grade Option.
Please see the template below and be sure to submit your comments to by no later than October 30th. 
Secretary Pollack,
I am writing to urge you to select the Modified All At-Grade Option as the Preferred Alternative for the I-90 Allston Multimodal Project.
Of the alternatives presented, the Modified All At-Grade Option best meets the stated project purpose to address roadway deficiencies and safety concerns, and the stated project need to address the multimodal deficiencies within the broader transportation system. This design—which includes the Paul Dudley White Boardwalk and living shoreline and can maintain weekday two-track commuter rail service throughout construction—closely tracks the A Better City/City of Boston design, which has garnered significant stakeholder support.
The I-90 Allston Multimodal Project is poised to shape our region for the next century—I implore MassDOT to seize this unparalleled opportunity to build a truly transformational project that will advance accessibility, equity, and sustainability for the city, the region, and the Commonwealth.
[insert name]

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