As A Better City TMA rounds the bend into its 20th anniversary, we are looking forward to a new year with a renewed vision. The end of 2015 brought with it major staff changes within the organization. After many years of leadership and great contributions, Allison Simmons, TMA Manager and David Straus, Director of Development & Programs have left A Better City to pursue other challenges and growth in their careers. While we will certainly miss them, we are looking forward to rebuilding the organization in a way that sets us up for continued success in our mission, which is to partner with the business community in Boston to improve congestion and reduce pollution. Thus, we are excited to announce that we are hiring a Director of Transportation and a Marketing and Communications Assistant. Our Director of Transportation will lead the TMAs in developing innovating programs and services, while advocating for better transportation policy in the region. The Marketing and Communications Assistant will help us expand our outreach and community engagement through events, social media, and promotions. Above all, A Better City TMA and Allston Brighton TMA value our members and our partnerships with them. In 2016, it is our hope that with our new staff we can focus on reconnecting and forging stronger relationships with them. It is through our members’ efforts to promote sustainable commutes to their employees and tenants that we are able to have the most significant effect on our region’s transportation and pollution efforts as a whole. Whether it is through new programming, more opportunities to network, or providing access to better resources, we are eager to work in collaboration with our members to help shape Boston as a leader in transportation.

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