A Better City Applauds the Historic Passage of BERDO 2.0 Through Boston City Council

Written by Rick Dimino, President & CEO 

Last week, the Boston City Council unanimously approved an Amendment to the City of Boston’s Building Energy and Reporting Disclosure Ordinance, known as BERDO 2.0. Mayor Janey is expected to sign BERDO 2.0 into law in the coming days.
Thank you to all our members who have worked with us tirelessly to ensure that BERDO 2.0 reflects the smart, workable, and equitable climate solutions needed for the City of Boston to meet its climate goals. Through extensive collaboration between the City of Boston’s Department of Energy, Environment, and Open Space, lead sponsor, Councilor Matt O’Malley, and his team, Chairwoman Lydia Edwards and City Council’s Committee on Government Operations, the Boston Green Ribbon Commission, colleagues in the business community, and advocacy organizations, this Ordinance amendment is a product of extensive collaboration.
The final Ordinance language includes many of A Better City’s recommendations, including the suggestion to add technical expertise that is supplemental to the Review Board when necessary, to clarify the use and reporting of Power Purchase Agreements and Renewable Energy Certificates, to add transparency and public reporting on anticipated allocations from the Equitable Emissions Investment Fund, and to ensure data reporting requirements include a defined methodology for calculating emissions, allowing for the most up-to-date and accurate emissions factors customized to generation sources serving the local grid in Boston.
A Better City is grateful for the vision and partnership of the City Council, the City of Boston’s Department of Energy, Environment and Open Space, the Boston Green Ribbon Commission, and our solutions-oriented member companies and institutions. We congratulate the City Council and the City of Boston on this landmark achievement and are eager to work with the City’s Environment Department on the Regulations to come, to ensure the seamless implementation of this Ordinance that will uplift our communities and businesses alike!

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