A Better City’s Thanks | Secretary Theoharides:

Prepared by Rick Dimino, President & CEO 


On behalf of our 130 member businesses and institutions, thank you for your leadership in developing
equitable climate and clean energy policies in Massachusetts during your tenure as Secretary of Energy
and Environmental Affairs for the Commonwealth.

A Better City was proud to partner with your office on a number of important initiatives, including
incorporating the perspective of the business community and, ultimately, getting to “yes” on the
Climate Act of 2021. Without your leadership on this bill, we would not have doubled our offshore
wind capacity in Massachusetts, set science-based emissions reduction targets, or codified the
Commonwealth’s first-ever environmental justice protections, which will help to protect our most
vulnerable communities.

We were grateful for your support and leadership throughout the Three-Year Planning process for
2022-2024, which established a Commercial and Industrial (C&I) working group for stakeholders to
provide feedback on new and existing C&I programs. We also appreciated your steadfast leadership on
climate resilience, with the expansion of the successful Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness program
and the growing opportunities to protect climate and community resilience at a regional scale in

Despite leading one of the most extensive climate and clean energy secretariats in the country, you
and your office were always accessible to A Better City and our members, as well as any interested
stakeholders who wanted to provide input into Massachusetts’ policies. We deeply appreciate your
collaboration and look forward to seeing the continued positive impacts of your leadership in your new
role at RWE Renewables.

Congratulations on a landmark tenure and thank for your continued efforts to create a cleaner, greener Commonwealth for all.

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