FMCB Public Comment Testimonies | I-90 Multimodal Project

Prepared by Tom Nally, Senior Advisor

  • First of all, on behalf of A Better City, I express our thanks for the work and accomplishments of members of this Fiscal Management and Control Board over the years of the Board’s existence, and to underscore the importance of maintaining the continuity of the initiatives begun by this Board by whatever governance structure is established as its successor.
  • Second, I express appreciation for the first steps taken by MassDOT to maintain safety for users of the existing Turnpike viaduct in Allston, but we emphasize that the proposed implementation of short term viaduct repairs is no substitute for the advancement of the full I-90 Multimodal Project to address the needs and opportunities for that corridor, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the region.
  • We continue to believe that replacing the viaduct with an All At-Grade Alternative and all components of the Multimodal Project is the best approach to address those opportunities, and we urge the Secretary and the Governor to select and advance that alternative and to outline an expedited design and construction schedule to take advantage of available federal infrastructure funds.
  • Third, an important component of that approach will both facilitate continued commuter rail operations during construction in the Turnpike corridor and will contribute toward the implementation of a larger Regional Rail vision is the siting, design, and construction of a new Southside Rail Maintenance Facility.
  • This facility can provide maintenance for Southside rolling stock while access to facilities in Somerville is constrained by interruption in service on the Grand Junction line.
  • Work needs to begin now on this facility.
  • We urge your approval of the next step to advance this important facility by taking action today on the engineering contract.


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