$25 Million For Infrastructure Improvements In The South Boston Waterfront

SBWAt the last meeting of the South Boston Stakeholders Committee, MassDOT Highway Administration Tom Tinlin announced that the Baker Administration’s capital budget will include $25 million for infrastructure improvements in the waterfront area. A Better City worked to include this $25 million in the last bond bill and it is exciting to hear that this money will now be released and used to improve transportation efforts in this much needed area.

The South Boston Waterfront Transportation Master Plan, released in January 2015 in collaboration with A Better City included short term recommendations such as Silver Line signal enhancements, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and new signage in the area. The $25 million in capital investment from the state will be used towards the mid-term initiatives identified in the plan, which include larger initiatives such as new Silver Line vehicles, design work to expand roadway connections, water transport,  and possible work related to the Northern Avenue bridge rehabilitation. In the next few months, A Better City will be working with the related city and state agencies to develop a list of priority projects.

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  1. Roger Berman:
    Apr 14, 2016 at 08:39 AM

    Having not read the plan, and granting that the following two suggestions may already have been addressed, I would strongly suggest the light sequencing at the intersections of A and West Broadway and A and 4th Streets be sequenced along with the lights at A and Dorchester Avenue and 4th and Dorchester Avenue. This would allow the 4th Street bridge and Dorchester Avenue, westbound, to be used for traffic storage and would do much to unplug A Street back-ups in the evening. Second, install a priority traffic control for the Silver Line buses seeking to enter, or exit, their tunnel @ D Street. After doing power-change stops, inbound, it is maddening to then sit and wait at the traffic light at D Street, particularly in non-peak times. Mass Transit should pre-empt street traffic whenever possible.

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